Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My C is two.

I'm sitting here in my office, staring at these pictures, trying to come to terms with the fact that I have a two year old. That the post below this is of my newborn daughter. That this little boy was just her size, and now he's two. TWO. I can't help but absolutely tear up when I look at these sweet pictures. His personality is so smeared across these images. Josh and I couldn't cut some out even if they are silly faces because they are his silly faces. Ones we see everyday. Same goes for the serious face. It's his observant look. He's silly, mischievous, serious, observant, funny, tenderhearted, and silly again:) Being his momma has been one of my the biggest blessings of my life. I was so worried about how this session would go. It's always so hard to capture my own kids, but it couldn't have gone better. He was every bit himself, and I'm just so thankful to have these. Now.... how in the world am I going to decide which one to frame or hang on my wall in canvas. Ugh, I need more walls.
 photo Ctwoyears-022will.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-012willis.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-019sbw.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-023willis.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-018willis.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-003.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-017sbw.jpg
To his delight, a train passed while we were snapping these. He's little heart leaped for joy.
 photo Ctwoyears-006.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-009.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-005sbw.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-007.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-020.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-004.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-015.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-016sbw.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-011.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-002.jpg
And because... real life.
 photo Ctwoyears-021.jpg

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Willow Ruth Kubler : Newborn

Seems a little crazy to finally blog my sweet girls newborn session. She's 3 weeks old now, and I'm still wrapping my mind around the fact that I have daughter. It's been an absolute blast discovering all things little girl. I've fallen in love with headbands, the color pink (to my surprise), and picking out her clothes. I've fallen even more in love with her and all her preciousness. So far, she's been an absolute dream. And now that's it's my second time around with a newborn, I feel all the more confident and relaxed. Praise the Lord!

During my pregnancy, I dreamed up big plans for her newborn session (like heading to my FIL's nursery or a trip to the woods). But once she was here and in my arms, I felt simple was the way to go with her. I wanted her to shine in the images and not some location. So, we stayed at home, kept things simple, and I couldn't be happier or more in love with how they turned out.

I may be biased since she's my daughter and all, but I think she's the most beautiful little girl to grace this earth. I just love her so.
 photo willownewborn-009gts.jpg
 photo willownewborn-039sbw.jpg
 photo willownewborn-021willis.jpg
 photo willownewborn-015willis.jpg
 photo willownewborn-035.jpg
 photo willownewborn-025sbw.jpg
 photo willownewborn-007willis.jpg
 photo willownewborn-023sbw.jpg
 photo willownewborn-038sbw.jpg
 photo willownewborn-002willis.jpg
 photo willownewborn-019willis.jpg
 photo willownewborn-014willis.jpg
 photo willownewborn-043sbw.jpg
 photo willownewborn-042sbw.jpg
 photo willownewborn-024gts.jpg
 photo willownewborn-033sbw.jpg
 photo willownewborn-044.jpg
 photo willownewborn-011.jpg
 photo willownewborn-017sbw.jpg

Obviously, I wanted some images of her with big brother. I definitely wanted his little personality and how he interacts with her on a daily basis to shine, but I also wanted that "dream" image (you know, the image that is like whhaattt??? how did the photog get them both so perfectly placed and adorable) of the two of them together.  The saying is most assuredly true, it is in fact a million times harder to photograph your own children. None of my normal tricks worked with C. So, I finally gave up and just let him be him. The turn out..... EXACTLY what I was hoping for. His little personality is all over it and she's just a sweet as ever. It should be noted that when you tell C to give anyone a kiss, he just leans his head forward and does more of a forehead bump. He loves loves loves to forehead bump W all day long:) He also thinks W is extremely silly and loves to tickle her. To me, these images couldn't be any more perfect. I love these two little stinkers. My heart is officially melted for life.
 photo willownewborn-046sbw.jpg
 photo willownewborn-049.jpg
 photo willownewborn-050.jpg
 photo willownewborn-047.jpg
 photo willownewborn-051sbw.jpg
 photo willownewborn-055.jpg
 photo willownewborn-053sbw.jpg
 photo willownewborn-054.jpg
 photo willownewborn-056.jpg
 photo willownewborn-052sbw.jpg

and just for kicks, let's take a walk down memory lane to C's newborn session. My goodness they look so much alike. Also, HOW WAS THIS TWO YEARS AGO??? SOMEONE STOP TIME!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

McKinney {Family}

The McKinney kiddos couldn't be anymore precious or sweet. Just like last year, they easily gave me smiles and giggles. Their sweet momma (and Lauren from the previous post) gave me the CUTEST top for my sweet girl due soon. It's adorable and totally blessed me. I really love love love this family. Their friendship with the Ikerd family (previous post) is so much fun, and their kiddos kept each other laughing for both of their sessions. So thankful to have this family as loyal clients. Watching their babies grow is such a joy! Hope y'all enjoy this little sneak peek. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the sweet gift and wonderful time!
 photo mckinney-015bis.jpg
 photo mckinney-025bis.jpg
 photo mckinney-003.jpg
 photo mckinney-005.jpg
 photo mckinney-023bis.jpg
 photo mckinney-001bis.jpg
 photo mckinney-028bis.jpg
 photo mckinney-029.jpg
Their little friendship is just so dang precious. I hope my kiddos are blessed with friendships growing up like these three.
 photo mckinney-018.jpg

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