Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Signing Off

It is with a grateful heart and many emotions that I have decided to close the door on this photography journey. I started this humble journey in order to stay home with my sweet C, and almost four years later I now feel the Lord leading me to end it. The Lord has been so faithful to us. 

When we started this venture, I knew I wanted it to be the Lords and to just simply be His vessel. It has provided a way for me to stay home with my kids, bring missionaries home for the holidays, help families adopt, help us adopt, help support other families, document precious moments and serve families in many many other ways that I'll keep treasured in my heart forever. I'm overwhelmed at all the Lord has done and I'm just thankful He let me be apart of it. The last few months I have felt Him closing the door on this chapter of my life. I won't say that I'll never take on sessions again. I know the Lord has given me this talent and so if He calls me to use it again, I want to be obedient. But, I'm excited to pursue some commercial photography and capture just family and close friends for the time being. All currently booked sessions will still happen:)

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH to all my clients and families for letting me into your lives and document such special times. I truly truly can not say that enough. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!

I'm so grateful to have been apart of every single one. This has been the sweetest gift from the Lord.
To God be ALL the Glory!


--I will be leaving this website up so that my clients and their families can still view their galleries and to post any random sessions I donate my services to from here on out:)

Stevenson Baby Gender Reveal

Good Gravy, I've been waiting for this day for a long time! My sweet sister, Lindsay, and her hubby, Ryan, FINALLY KNOW THE GENDER TO THEIR BABYYYYYYY!!!!!! We did a super fun shoot with a smoke bomb. I listened to a voicemail left by her OBGYN with the exciting news. Then, I chose the coordinating smoke bomb, and I had them keep their eyes closed tight. A few of my family members were there to help things go smoothly and to video the entire thing (thanks mom, dad, kenny, josh, and my crazy kiddos). I LOVE how the whole thing turned out, mostly because their initial reaction is AMAZING!!

 photo LindsayGENDERREVEAL-042.jpg





A BOY!!!!!!!!

 photo LindsayGENDERREVEAL-004.jpg
 photo LindsayGENDERREVEAL-006.jpg
 photo LindsayGENDERREVEAL-007.jpg
 photo LindsayGENDERREVEAL-012.jpg
 photo LindsayGENDERREVEAL-008.jpg

 photo LindsayGENDERREVEAL-015.jpg

Round Two with the smoke bombs!
 photo LindsayGENDERREVEAL-025.jpg
 photo LindsayGENDERREVEAL-029.jpg
 photo LindsayGENDERREVEAL-031.jpg

 photo LindsayGENDERREVEAL-035.jpg
 photo LindsayGENDERREVEAL-037.jpg
This sweet little Lion was the first thing Lindsay ever bought for their baby. She had a strong hunch it was a Boy.
 photo LindsayGENDERREVEAL-039.jpg
And this little bear will be going to Australia with them. I can't even wait to see it in his nursery.
 photo LindsayGENDERREVEAL-044.jpg

We love you sweet BOY!!!!!! Check out the Video below of the entire process and his sweet name!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Welcome Home Ava Grace Delk

 He is before ALL things, and in Him all things hold together - Col 1:17

This is a verse I prayed over Will and Susan's adoption many, many times. We knew He was before them in this process and He alone would unite them to Ava. Watching the Lord work on her behalf was amazing and humbling. He alone is worthy of the praise! Ava Grace coming home has been a LONG TIME COMING. I'll never ever forget Susan texting me a picture of their newly matched daughter from South Korea. She was a chunky, beautiful little girl with the best little cheeks and pony tail I had ever seen.

Susan and Will started the adoption process a few months prior, and by God's grace, He lead them to Ava. (you may remember this adoption announcement! Praise the Lord he closed the Thailand door and lead them to South Korea and Ava!!)  For a little over a year, they pursued her, fought for her, prayed for her, and endured long long months of waiting. Their families and our church rallied behind them to help with fundraising. Yardsales, multiple t-shirt sales, bake sales, paintings and watercolors sold, grants awarded, and a widow's home renovated for sponsorship, whatever fundraising it took to bring her home, Will and Susan did it! And God was faithful and provided all of their costs!!

Watching Susan and Will endure this year plus wait was encouraging to say the least. They never lost faith in the Lord and the trusted him wholeheartedly. We saw him move in mighty, mighty ways for Ava Grace to come home. And after many, many prayers and months of waiting and paperwork, it was finally time to go get her!

Seeing them as a family of three at the airport was just too much. We all cried, praised the Lord, and marveled at His goodness in bringing her home! Sweet girl, you are so loved.

Waiting before they arrived-

 photo AVAHOME-004.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-006bw.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-003bw.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-002bw.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-007.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-001bw.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-008.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-009.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-010.jpg

Family waiting!
 photo AVAHOME-011bw.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-012bw.jpg

 photo AVAHOME-014bw.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-015bw.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-016bw.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-017bw.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-018bw.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-020bw.jpg

Bless her sweet heart she was exhausted from all the traveling, but HOORAY for sleeping toddlers on long flights!! Such grace from God!
 photo AVAHOME-021bw.jpg

Seeing Susan as a momma just brought so tears to my eyes. I loved watching Susan love her.
 photo AVAHOME-023bw.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-024bw.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-025bw.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-028bw.jpg

Ava has style!
 photo AVAHOME-027.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-026bw.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-030.jpg

Meeting friends!!
 photo AVAHOME-032bw.jpg
LOOK AT HER FACE! I MEAN LOOK AT HER FACE!! I can't handler her!!!
 photo AVAHOME-033bw.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-034.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-035bw.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-036.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-037.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-039.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-040.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-042bw.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-044bw.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-045.jpg

 photo AVAHOME-061rbw.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-046.jpg
Be still my heart!
 photo AVAHOME-047bw.jpg
Susan's family brought a balloon and Ava was mesmerized.
 photo AVAHOME-048bw.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-051bw.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-065.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-053bw.jpg

My goodness. PRAISE THE LORD!!!
 photo AVAHOME-055bw.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-056bw.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-057bw.jpg

 photo AVAHOME-058.jpg

 photo AVAHOME-059.jpg
 photo AVAHOME-060bw.jpg

 photo AVAHOME-062.jpg

Susan is happy to report that Ava Grace is doing great! She is adjusting well so far and really thriving in their home! Thank you to everyone for your countless prayers to bring this girl home! Please keep lifting the Delk family up as they help Ava transition!

Ava Grace Delk, WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
 photo AVAHOME-063sbw.jpg

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