Monday, May 11, 2015

Pomeroy {family}

I have loved watching this little family grow. These sweet boys only keep getting sweeter. Their age difference is the same as my kiddos, so I love watching them interact and see whats to come. Thank you Pomeroy family for such a fun Saturday morning!

 photo pomeroy-002.jpg
 photo pomeroy-025bis.jpg
 photo pomeroy-010.jpg
 photo pomeroy-012.jpg
 photo pomeroy-019.jpg
 photo pomeroy-027_1.jpg
 photo pomeroy-006.jpg
 photo pomeroy-021sbw.jpg
 photo pomeroy-015_1.jpg
 photo pomeroy-028sbw.jpg
 photo pomeroy-017.jpg
 photo pomeroy-004.jpg
 photo pomeroy-009sbw.jpg

 photo pomeroy-040.jpg
 photo pomeroy-032.jpg
 photo pomeroy-044.jpg
 photo pomeroy-036.jpg
 photo pomeroy-038.jpg
 photo pomeroy-041.jpg

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pulliam {Family}

I consider this my "lucky" session. The weather was supposed to be awful, but it wasn't. The flowers weren't supposed to be bloomed, but they were. One year olds can be hard to shoot, but she wasn't. At all. Little girl couldn't have been more of a gem. She smiled, giggled, and thought the Zumba happening nearby was fantastic. I had such a wonderful morning following her around and watching her smile at her parents. Thanks Pulliam family for such a great morning! I loved getting to know your little family!
  photo pulliam-014sbw.jpg photo pulliam-032.jpg
 photo pulliam-015.jpg
 photo pulliam-019.jpg
 photo pulliam-009bis.jpg
 photo pulliam-017bis.jpg
 photo pulliam-010.jpg
 photo pulliam-030bis.jpg
 photo pulliam-007.jpg
 photo pulliam-035.jpg
 photo pulliam-029.jpg
 photo pulliam-033.jpg
 photo pulliam-028.jpg
 photo pulliam-038bis.jpg
 photo pulliam-025.jpg
 photo pulliam-016sbw.jpg
 photo pulliam-013.jpg
 photo pulliam-044.jpg

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Campbell {Newborn}

This sweet, baby girl is stunning. Newborns are always so precious and pretty, but she seemed to stand out. Her dark hair, tan skin, and tiny chubs just melted me at first look. She's beautiful and not to mention so content. Little miss didn't cry once during our session. She was so alert for most of it, and I loved getting to snuggle her. I think my favorites are of her in her momma's newborn gown.  Thank you Ross family for letting me come sit, cuddle, and capture this precious stage in Campbell's life.

 photo campbellross-017bis.jpg
 photo campbellross-038bis.jpg
 photo campbellross-025sbw.jpg
 photo campbellross-013.jpg
 photo campbellross-024.jpg
 photo campbellross-032.jpg
 photo campbellross-009.jpg
 photo campbellross-031.jpg
 photo campbellross-014sbw.jpg
 photo campbellross-041bis.jpg
 photo campbellross-015bis.jpg
 photo campbellross-018bis.jpg
 photo campbellross-023sbw.jpg

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