Monday, February 23, 2015

Dustin + Emma {Engaged}

We've known Dustin for several years now. We've so enjoyed getting to know him and having him in our home each week for community group. We were so excited when we found out he and Emma were dating. We couldn't be more thankful to know this couple and watch their relationship grow. Dustin proposed a few months back, and asked my husband to be the minister at their wedding. We are so honored they wanted him to be apart of their big day and me capture their engagement. Thank you Dustin and Emma for your sweet friendship! HURRY SEPTEMBER:)

 photo crick-024sbw.jpg
 photo crick-006wil.jpg
 photo crick-021sbw.jpg
 photo crick-040will.jpg
 photo crick-002will.jpg
 photo crick-033sbw.jpg
 photo crick-032bis.jpg
 photo crick-016bis.jpg
 photo crick-008willis.jpg
 photo crick-025.jpg
 photo crick-011.jpg
 photo crick-038sbw.jpg

Monday, January 26, 2015

Ray Tripletts : Wilder, Birdie, & Henry

So thankful to have started this year off with the Ray family. When they announced on FB they were having triplets, I was immediately thrilled. My younger brothers are triplets and growing up with them was just the most fun. I was so excited for the Ray's to experience that same joy. Angie didn't have the easiest pregnancy, but the Lord was faithful. These three beauties were born several weeks early, but, by God's grace, they are flourishing. Sweet little Henry is having some health complications (third on the right in the photo below), so please keep him in your prayers. I had so much fun during this session. Watching all the Ray kids together, my own childhood memories came flooding back. A home full of children is nothing but a blessing and a joy. The Ray family's cup is overflowing. I'm just so thankful I was allowed to capture this precious time in their lives and meet these sweet babies.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Kubler {My Family}

Now that I'm done with sessions for the year, I can finally focus on my own family photos. We headed down to my father in laws nursery, because as you will see, it's absolutely stunning at Christmas. A sweet photographer friend came along and took these for us and I edited them. My goal was to get just one good one for our Christmas card, and thankfully, we got several. Thank you Kristy!! We love them!!!

 photo kubler-007.jpg
 photo kubler-010will.jpg
 photo kubler-009.jpg
 photo kubler-016.jpg
 photo kubler-014.jpg
 photo kubler-002will.jpg
 photo kubler-012will.jpg
 photo kubler-015.jpg
 photo kubler-013-1.jpg
 photo kubler-019.jpg
 photo kubler-003will.jpg
 photo kubler-011bw.jpg
 photo kubler-017will.jpg

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